Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Are You Pregnant? Part Five

You Ask The Question and Dot Lane Has Five Answers For You....

(photo taken on the "argue" poseballs at the Bermuda Playground in Selby click to enlarge)

From an IM exchange:

[16:44] Anonymous: oh god. is Dot Lane pregnant?
[16:45] Anonymous: She's one for you tho. Look at her profile :)
[16:45] Friend of Dot: no, [she is] just round
[16:45] Friend of Dot: we are lovers, Anonymous
[16:45] Friend of Dot: have been for months
[16:46] Anonymous blinks
[16:46] Anonymous: errr...
[16:46] Anonymous: eeps.
[16:46] Anonymous: can i start over?
[16:46] Friend of Dot: yes... go ahead
[16:47] Anonymous: hello, who is that cute figure dancing next to you? somebody you know?

p.s. the hair was a gift from the Calla Apple Bob....pretty cool, eh?

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