Thursday, March 20, 2008

Le Dot Sportif

Shop 141 imujya in green

Shop 141 imujya and a free peace pose from C'est La Vie!

The Sign At Shop 141 That Enticed Me. Ishy Informs Me The Kanji Reads "Dog"

While strolling through the niQue Soil sim the other day, I ran across Shop 141, owned and operated by Ish Kidd, a Japanese designer. Earlier in the day I had been looking at track suits, thinking that my wardrobe could use more casual clothing. After all, when I sign on in the morning I can't go directly into high glamour mode--I need some transitional clothing. Normally a track suit wouldn't be something on my wish list but I had recently seen some Fred Perry suits in RL that I could actually imagine myself wearing so I figured why not in SL?

Shop 141 sells streetwear, mixed in with some dressier pieces (a embroidered black shift style dress with capped sleeves caught my eye) but it was the imoyja (I'm assuming that's Japanese for track suit) that made my heart sing. It's available in several colors: green, blue, red, and pink, with a detachable collar and knee pad. At least I think it is a knee pad, there is only one and it is on the left knee--perhaps one has suffered a knee injury? It also looked like it would be flattering and for $120L, the price seemed reasonable enough. Then I noticed the sign you see in the picture above. "Aha!" I said to myself, "the imoyja looks really cool with the Japanese writing on it." I clicked on the sign and got a notecard, which said, in part,

ish Kiddへお代金320L$をお支払い下さい。


Well now. I quickly made the assumption that one could customize track suit for 320L which seemed extravagant but also really cool. With some trepidation I IMed Ish Kidd and after some negotiation (her English is much better than my Japanese, which, sad to say, is non-existent) we nailed down my school level (3-B, which she said is popular in Japan--I don't know why it is popular but I'm taking her word for it) and the name I wanted on it. She asked for 24 hours to finish it and sure enough, within that time it appeared. Let me just say it came out even better than I had hoped! The fit is perfect, and how cute is my name on the front and back? I suppose if your name is longer you'll have to come up with a Japanese word. I love customised clothing and this is my new favorite outfit.

Thank you Ishy for your hard work! <3 style="font-style: italic;">Skin: Fleur Boutique Vanilla Parfait 2
Hair: ETD "Maaliyah" in black
Nails: Love Soul "Pink Dot Nail" (gift at store)


Vidal Tripsa said...

Goodness, that is CUTE! Or should I just yell "kawaii!" and be done with it? The photo of you in the 'peace' pose is priceless. I love it. It's a pretty nice touch to have custom tracksuits made up, too. I'm definitely jealous.

I wonder if Japanese has the phonetics for a name like "vid-ahl"...

Caterin Semyorka said...

Oh, I bought one of those as well, fantastic! I'm also a lover of Japanese sims, so much good quality clothing at low prices.

Samara Barzane said...

A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E! And very resourceful of you m'dear :)) Hmmm... Sam would fit -- do they have it in pink?