Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sweet Candy Dot

*pop feel* "Sweet Candy Dress Strawberry"

*pop feel* "Sweet Candy Dress Strawberry", close-up

I've written previously about fashion shop *pop feel* and how much I enjoy wearing their clothes. I haven't decided which is more important: how they look or how they make me feel, but don't they just make you want to squeak with joy? I do know that *pop feel* has a place of honor as one of the twenty-five groups I've joined in SL (as an aside, may we please, please please may we have a higher group limit?). I signed on a few days ago to find notice of a new group gift for March, the Sweet Candy Dress in Strawberry so I hurried home and tried it on. I love the crinkled skirt can imagine the slightly rustling when I walk, with the mesh scarf trailing behind me. This is sort of dress you would wear to an awards ceremony and wake up the next morning to find yourself on the either the best or worst dressed list. But you know what? You wouldn't give a damn, because you know you look *good*.

Skin: Fleur Vivant Paon 4
Hair: ETD "Maaliyah" in Elika's Red
Earrings: M-C-H "Key Motif Studs"
Eyes: MM Blue-Eyes
Shoes: Tesla "Leather Vixens" in Cherry

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