Saturday, March 29, 2008

Good Pervert? Me?

Sometimes the sim and store names just jumble together and I'm not sure exactly where I am or what the store is called. I picked up this free tank top at BLEEZ KZ@CS Kanagawa. I was intrigued by the notice on the box, which says "please be careful on the occasion of wearing" and by the question the tank top raises, to wit: "good pervert?" So now I'm walking around, wearing the tank top, with no small degree of trepidation. Why exactly do I need to be careful? Is the shirt made of some substance that crows find absolutely delicious? Will I be pecked to death by a murder of crows?

And now I open it up to you dear readers: what exactly is a "good pervert"? Leave your comments and the best answer will win a prize to be determined with judging on a date to be determined. How can you not leave a comment with such an enticement?


BellaBaroque said...

I don't know about enticement, but that certainly gave me a good rofl. A "good pervert" rofl? Well I'm not sure. Maybe its the kind of person who's always droppin' the sexual innuendoes but looks like Brad Pitt. one is offended, and that is "good". This hot little prevert makes girls giggle with his inappropriate and uncalled for behavior. If he looked like a Chester Molester and drove an unmarked van instead of a (insert newest hottest car in Hollywood here), he would indeed be a very very bad pervert. Just a thought :)

Sabine said...

Hmmm...or perhaps a "good pervert" is one that excels at the art of perversion...takes perversion above the level of, say, the mainstream or "average pervert"...of course the "good pervert" still has scope for perversional growth, striving to achieve the exceptional level of "most excellant pervert." This of course makes me wonder who, in fact, is undertaking the performance assessments of said "perverts"? Who is the consumate pervert judge and exactly what training have they undertaken to achieve this ultimate level of pervosity? Things the make ya go...Hmmmmm