Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Handsome Girl Modeling School

Kisses For Sale...Anyone? Anyone?

Dot Lane In A Rare Unfriendly Moment

You Mean Guys Walk Around With Their Pants Off In Second Life?

Give Peace A Chance

Lean Just A Little Closer.....

It Must Be Jelly, Because Jam Don't Shake Like That

This morning I found a mother lode of free good poses and facial expressions, which is perfect because I'm sure everyone is sick of seeing me in the same poses with the same dopey expressions on my face. For the close ups I'm using the free Hengao HUD, which has 19 facial expressions you can choose from a menu. Not all work equally well (the angry expressions, alas, do really bad things to your lips and teeth) but I found that at least half provide good face animation suitable for taking pictures of myself. In the full length shots, I'm using the Lovely? (yes, there is a question mark after Lovely) animations, which are 1L for 10 standing, 9 sitting, and 2 laying down animations. This is a remarkable bargain, given that of the standing poses, only two exhibit the terrible flaw of having one's hand disappear into one's anatomy which has always been an issue for me. The Lovely? poses come for different sized AVs: 140cm and 180cm. Since I'm 162cm (approximately) it didn't seem to make any difference which set I used but since most girls are taller than me, you'll probably want the 180cm set. There were also a number of other free and inexpensive animations available as well, and I've made a list below and will blog them or put them on Flickr soon. Incidentally, you can see more photos of the expressions and poses at my Flickr account, so if you want to see more of what these goodies can do for you, by all means visit. I also like that the animations include a duplicate set of poseballs. Really, it's hard to go wrong here.

Poses, gestures, and animations available at Vol's Shop at KSS Mall

Free and inexpensive poses:

uunOX_pack free
hengao hud (on the ceiling, so look up)
Lovely?140 Lovely?_pack 1L each
bielmaan_pack contains thriller pack (the thriller pack is inspired by Michael Jackson)

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