Saturday, March 8, 2008

Hellbound? What's Your Point?

Sn@tch "Hellbound"

booN's "BON 75" hair, Fleur Vivant Biba 2 Skin

Close-Up Showing the PUNKi "Ruby Collar"

Ivey at Sn@tch sent out a notice today of new designs so I hurried over to butter her up with compliments on the new clothes because I think "Hellbound" is one of her best yet. It's the prom dress of my dreams (yes, I was dark and bitter in high school as well, that's a shock, isn't it?), with a full tulle skirt, zipper fishnet stockings, a keyhole top, and a vinyl underbust corset that helps maximize my rather meager assets, which means my AV is mirroring my SL bank account. I'm also wearing Minx's "Sweet as Sin" shoes, booN BON 75 hair and a Fleur Vivant Biba 2 skin, which is about all you'll see me in these days.

I'd also like to make a special mention of the PUNKi collar I'm wearing. I ran into GabrielMascolo Burger about a week ago and commented on the cute hat she was wearing. It turns out she has a store where she sells hats and jewelry. Her wares are beautifully made: the close up of the Rubi collar shows a cross with an antique feel to it and I love the rubies and seed pearls and what looks like marcasite. It's also modifiable and transferable which means you could add scripts and give it to the sub in your life as a step up from the often hideous collars I see being worn. If you're looking for something different, I suggest a visit.


Sasy Scarborough said...

lol 'tip you're it', I'm still wearing it as im offline lol its a stunner, we should so go shopping together we can be twins I'll put on my boon hair, fleur skin and my collar too :P

hugs tight

xoxo Sasy xoxo

Anonymous said...

And a very cute look it is, as is your blog. It was a pleasure meeting you, Dot.

You really must stop by Boutique Lovely some time; I think you'll love it. If I am around, I would be happy to model just about anything there is in that lovely, little shop.

Pansy Peccable

Vidal Tripsa said...

My word, that's stunning! I love the look of that corset, too. Fingers crossed that when I log in later tonight I have the funds to afford such fineries.

Oh, and a repeated "bravo" on the BooN look, Dot. You look dead hot in that outfit. ^_^

Anonymous said...

Great to meet you at Sn@tch Dot! Thanks to you I have now spent way too much L$ at Boon....

/me grins at the thought of her new hair and new friend