Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sunflowers Shine

Dot Lane, Feeling Girlish in Mayuki Nozaki's Flower Dress Himawari

Close Up, Showing My Tan and Freckles

Lace Detail on the Glitch Pants

If it weren't for the kindness of various people, Dot Lane would long ago have been eaten by wolves, or, at the very least, be walking around naked. A case in point is my recent trip to see Mayuki Nozaki's new dress at her store in the Happy Style Mall. I showed up, hunting for the Flower Dress Himawari which I had seen in a recent FashCon notecard. I looked throughout the store, no dress. I read the notecard again, which said the dress would be available for 48 hours, and looked some more. No dress. I thought perhaps it would be at another Mayuki Nozaki store. No dress. So I headed back to the main store and there was Mayuki Nozaki herself. Since at heart I'm a blithering fangirl and because we had chatted via IM a few times previously, I said hello, told her how much I loved her clothes, and asked her about the dress. She told me that the 48 hours had gone by, but kindly gave me the dress anyway. Yay dress! Now, this may sound like a small thing to you, but to a girl like me who can't tell time, well, I thought it was sweet and beyond the call of duty.

The Flower Dress Himawari is another in Mayuiki's line of beautifully textured dresses, this time with spaghetti straps and a sunflower applique which make me feel girlish and feminine at the same time. The little lace trim on the glitch pants is the type of thoughtful touch I've come to expect from Mayuki. This is one dress you will see me in again and again as the mercury climbs in the RL thermometer--I just feel cool looking at it. Head over to her mainstore in Sokri at the Happy Style Mall and prepare to be charmed. Arigato Mayuki!

My readers will also notice that I'm sporting some blonde tresses. This is due to a combination of factors: first, I blame Kit Maitland. I know what you're saying. You're saying, "Dot, how can you possibly blame Kit for you being blonde? After all, she's not the one who spent hours putting Sun In in your hair." And you're right, she didn't. But Kit did go off and make the most awesome bikinis I have seen in months and she included a pic of herself as a blonde in the ad for them. I saw the pic, said "OMG! OMG! I *need* to be blonde too!" and promptly headed to the medicine cabinet and found the Sun In, hiding behind the horse tranquilizers and dental dams (Hey! When did you start to care about how I spend my weekends?) When the Sun In failed to work on my black hair, I went to my inventory and found a perfect blonde-but-not-too-blonde style from Philotic Energy. Of course, being in the sun for hours gave me a little tan and brought out my freckles, courtesy of Fleur's Strawberry Parfait Deux 2 skin, so Roslin Petion gets her props for making a beautiful skin which lets me go blonde with ease.

Details, details (slurls to be added later, when I get back in-world)

Mayuki Nozaki Flower Dress Himawari in Yellow
Fleur Boutique Strawberry Deux Parfait 2
Gracile's "Mediterranean" Dress Sandals
Ink Stain"Multi Star" tattoo
Philotic Energy "Nat" in sandy blonde


Anonymous said...

ahhhhh Sun In!! Blast from the past LOL. I used to use Lemons!! cheaper and more natural but watch out not to get it in your eyes! :O

Bella Baroque said...

LMAO at Sun In! OMG i spent a good portion of my childhood summers dumping that crap on my head. Nice reference! This looks all cute and summery! Great look hon and hilarious post, as usual ;)