Friday, June 6, 2008

Slow Day, Brief Post

The grid is down, so I'm taking the opportunity to go through half finished blog posts and try to get them out of the queue. According to Blogger, I started this one on May 16th. Usually I try to fit some theme to the pictures, but in this case, I've nothing witty to add (yes, even my well runs dry sometimes), so you're just left to bask in my beauty. Now bask damn it! I'm wearing some bikinis and lingerie from Coquette and the last picture is of a recent (as of 5/16/2008) group gift from DPS.

Coquette Flower Power

Coquette Cutie Baby

Coquette Candy Striper

DPS Candy Peony (DPS group gift) and showing off Hanauta's Silver Kiwi Ring

The skin in each photo is Fleur's Boutique Lily Shoujo Florence, the hair is from booN.

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