Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Walking Away

It's been a great ride everyone, but I am pulling back almost completely from SL. I will have more to say in a few days, but I just don't have the passion for it I once did. What I do have are wonderful memories of amazing, smart, and talented people which have made it all worthwhile. You'll see me in-world on occasion, but just for brief chats and to keep poor Dot from being buried by notices.


Anonymous said...

I think that 'amazing, smart, and talented' describes Dot Lane fairly well too. It was a pleasure knowing you even slightly Dot, and following your blog adventures. We will all miss you! Wishing you every happiness and success in RL!!! xxxooo

CronoCloud said...

I will miss you, Dot. Dot makes people happy. (Goes to hug her pankcakes.)

Vidal Tripsa said...

I'd be sad, but I'm unfortunate, living proof that distance from this world can be a welcome and positive thing sometimes, when it feels right. I reckon it may have been about a month since I was last in-world, and I'm too scared to count how long it may have been since I last saw you, love. For that I'm sorry, of course.

It's sad to know you might not be the glowing presence you've long been to I and many others, so kind and cheery as you are, but the absence is only in virtual form. My life's been improved by having some Dot in my life, and a part of me is indebted to you for that. If our paths cross again soon, of course I'd be delighted to hug and catch up, in that strict order of priority, but even if they never did I'm happy.

Thoughts can be good sustenance too. Not as nutritional as pancakes, but.. dare I be cheesy and say they're just as sweet when they're of you? <3

Anonymous said...

Dot: I am so sad to see/hear this but I understand, of course. I will miss your presence and your humor, not to mention your fab wardrobe and great taste.
love from Artemis Felwitch

Anonymous said...

The blogging world will be that much poorer for losing its preeminent source of information about »riding the sex hippo«.

I remember when I outgrew MUDing. It was all the more tragic in that I saw others doing so beforehand, and simply couldn't understand how such a thing could ever happen.

Bella Baroque said...

Well Miss Lane, I can certainly relate to this post. I'm in the same boat right now as life with a newborn and 2 yr old is slightly time consuming. But I do miss people in SL, and you are one in particular. I hope you are doing well out there in the RL and I will miss you! I hope we cross paths and can at least IM a quick hello if we are both in world. You are an amazing person Dot :)

Sasy Scarborough said...

what the hell , when did you do this , sheesh turn my back for a second and you leave :((, I have missed you, I did notice your absense but just thought you were busy, not that you were leaving us, sniffs.

I love you and treasure all the past and future times we will get the pleasure of your Dottyness