Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Baby Let's Play House

My new house, "Sea Shacks", in TwentyThirteen

With winter approaching, my nesting instincts have started to stir so I've made the plunge and rented a new place. Those of you who Plurk might remember my request a few weeks back for a sim which had a decrepit old port town feel to it, a look that proved difficult to find. For the life of me I can't understand why someone wouldn't want to build a replica town dominated by a cannery and warehouses. But one helpful soul mentioned Jori Watler, who suggested TwentyThirteen, an island with seven residences which met my requirements for privacy and abject despair. And what's not to like? I could have lived in an abandoned factory, an anarchist's warehouse, a bunker, or several other appropriately dingy buildings. I settled on the "Sea Shacks," however, which are hidden behind a hillock within view of a ship which has apparently hit shore and partially sunk. If my new home were getting an award in a high school yearbook, it would have been elected "House Most Likely To Have Someone Murdered In It", which is fine by me. I'm externally sunny and cheerful, but I also have vast unplumbed reservoirs of despair, and my new house reflects that bleakness.

Here I am, resting at home. The broken windows really don't keep the wind out and since the house is literally built on water the boots are necessary for high tide. I have tried to make the house a little more cheerful with my Bettie Page Voyager Mannequin Head lamp, Artilleri ashtray, and lamp from 120BPM. Can't you just hear the clock slowly ticking? If I actually had a wife and a servant girl, it would be modern update of Ethan Frome.

There are occasionally stunning views from the house. I solve this by quickly going into the GreenLife Emerrald viewer's handy menu of windlight settings and selecting "Foggy Morning".

It does get cold on the foggy mornings, so Hair OH's "oh my SnowMan" hair/hat combo along with the matching "Lovers Muffler" helps keep me warm. You'd think I'd have enough sense to not wear low rise jeans, but I don't.

For me, nothing says class like having a couch on your porch. After all, what could go wrong with a large piece of furniture made of absorbent material sitting out on an unprotected porch? Take a deep breath. Smell that? Hah! You now have anthrax or some other terrible airborne mold.

Because I live alone and am girlfriendless in SL, I decided a property with two houses was really what I needed. This is the second house on the property. I think it is haunted and I'd be happy to rent it to you to find out.

I'll be sharing more pictures and home decorating tips soon. Let me know if you want a tour!


Bella Baroque said...

you crack me up. you could be sunning on a pixel sand beach, but you chose to be sullen in the fog. oh wait, i love that too! what am i saying? hahaha. invite me over for whiskey i mean tea sometime soon ;)

Anonymous said...

welcome back!! yay, Dot stuff to read again!

Thanks for showing me around the other day :-)

Love your pictures btw, will you be cross posting to Flickr?