Thursday, September 20, 2007

Accessories to the Fashion Crime

People ask a lot of questions about the things I wear, most of which stem, I think, from a sense of morbid curiosity (as in "how could she possibly wear that with that!"). I've taken the liberty of writing up a blog post to help answer some of these questions in far more detail than I could in normal conversation, given my inability to remember where I have bought certain items.

Important note: click all photos below for a larger image for maximum effect!

My Glasses

Glasses in SL run the gamut from wire-framed glasses which remind people of a maiden aunt to blingtastic designer knockoffs. As the founder of the Girls With Glasses group (want to join? drop me a notecard!), I almost always have mine on so finding a versatile stylish pair was a must. After several unsatisfactory searches, I came across the "Betty" model from Mobius which has the advantage of color changing lenses and frames, making them easy to wear with almost any outfit. Best of all, they're only 50L. Given that I've seen single pairs which run upwards of 300L, the Mobius glasses are a bargain. I've also seen 1950s style glasses at artilleri and Icing which rock if you're aiming for that particular look.

Pink frames, clear lenses

Pink frames, dark lenses

Photos taken in the photo booth at Imogen.

I also have a set of goggles from Eat Rice. Why goggles? Well, why not? I mean, how much time do you spend flying around? Don't you need to keep the wind out of your eyes? What are you, a lizard?

Photo taken aboard the {Plunder} Airship Outpost.

My Jewelry

Some of my jewelry was free from various sources. I have a silver ring and a bracelet that I wear for dressing up but I'm still looking for the perfect pearl choker which doesn't cost an arm and a leg. I don't roll with the bling, so you won't see me in the ol' blinky-blinky which is so popular in SL. My casual jewelry has to be fun, not blinding, and besides, how can you sneak up on someone in the dark with the jewelry equivalent of Rudolph's nose?

I love the detail on the dice from artilleri's "High Roller" necklace and bracelet set (which is being discontinued) which you can see below. The photo was taken at Djorkland Amusements next to the Skee Ball game and I was attacked by Zombies seconds after snapping the picture. My thanks to Donnie Otsuka who dispatched the zombies in a hail of gunfire.

Dot Lane, Eating Pistachio Ice Cream, Minding Her Own Business

Oh Crap, Zombies!

Donnie Otsuka, Zombie Killer

Also beautifully detailed is Gritty Kitty's "Bottle Cap HARBOE" necklace, with the polar bear logo on the bottle cap. The photo below was taken at Koreshan Pointe.

And the lip ring? That came from a random lucky chair, the mysteries of which I will be writing about in a future post. If you see me and want a lip ring, let me know and I will pass one along.

My Belts

Belts are tricky little devils because you need to position them just so for them to work properly and, if you're chubby like me, you will need to stretch them out. The rest of you have to shrink them so they don't look like hula hoops. Below is Gritty Kitty's "Roboto" belt, named such for reasons which should be self evident.

My Collars

Wearing a collar in SL can be a fashion statement, a lifestyle statement, or both. I happen to like the aesthetic of juxtaposing my collars against some of the beautiful retro styles I've found, but if one chooses to wear a collar for fashion you will face some questions and assumptions about you and your interest in BDSM. I often get the question "who owns your collar" to which I reply, "I do." Those who click on the collar get to talk to Mr. Cash's hand. Want to script an SL object? A friend pointed me to a website which allows you to do just that.

The collar below is from Eat Rice and you can modify it to include the texture of your choice on the charm hanging from it. The collar comes in four flavors: with a leash, with a leash and spikes, with spikes and no leash, and no spikes or leash/me so you can choose whichever one suits your mood. There is also a bell which rings, but the creator of the collar removed it at my request. It is currently on sale at Eat Rice.

No Spikes, No Leash, No Service

No Spikes, With Leash

Photos taken at: Welsh Falls

That's a partial tour of things I like. I'm sure other things will come to me and I know that you know that I will be posting about them. But since it isn't all about me, tell me about you--what are you favorite stores for accessories? Where should I visit to take cool photos? Have you ever been attacked by zombies? Let me know by leaving a comment!

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