Friday, September 28, 2007

The Lovely DJ Melanie Spins At Club Mysteria 4 Oct at 2 PM SLT

The Lovely DJ Melanie Spins at Club Mysteria

Now I know my loyal readers wonder where I am most of the time, but they should know that being a girl reporter takes a lot of wandering SL, talking with people, and poking my nose where I shouldn't. But I do know where I will be on Thursday October 4th at 2 PM SLT. I'll be at Club Mysteria where DJ Melanie plays the latest club and progressive beats and the elite meet to move their feet. The dress code on the 4th is "Clubwear" and I will have you know I won the Clubwear contest there a while ago so you'll have to dress your best because I will be dressed to the nines--I expect to see all you in your tens! I'd love to meet my blog readers there so mark your calendars! How do you find Club Mysteria? Teleport to Mysteria's entrance and look for the Club Mysteria sign and use the teleport which takes you to the club. It's fast, easy, and fun! And sorry boys, Mysteria is for women only....

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