Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Bag Job

Dot Lane, As Seen With The Pre-Windlight Viewer

For some time, I've wanted to get a new laptop. My current laptop is old and not optimal for SL or, indeed, several other applications I like to run on a regular basis. That's not quite correct. I can't run them all *simultaneously* but I want what I want when I want it and if I need to run SL, iTunes, GIMP, and Open Office while streaming video, by G-d that's what I'm going to do. I've also seen the amazing pictures taken by Bella, Vidal, and others and want to get in the fun of enjoying SL in all of its shiny weathery atmospheric goodness.

I do have my hesitations. I know that Windlight requires a good deal of fine tuning to make it look right and that the high definition graphics come at a price. I mean, high def is something to be feared, right? Have you *seen* Cameron Diaz and other Hollywood stars in high definition? It's enough to make you long for the black and white Philco with a ten inch screen.

This afternoon I hustled myself off to Best Buy to purchase a new laptop. I've recently started a real job in real life and saved up some dollars to drop on a new system. I bought it (and was pleased to find out the price had dropped $100 since yesterday--this, along with the fact that the girl at the ice cream store dropped an extra shot of espresso in my chocolate espresso frappe for free because we had the same earrings, was the highlight of my day) and spent and hour loading software (Open Office, SL, GIMP, iTunes), updates (Windows, Norton, ATI Graphics Drivers), etc. and then finally signed onto SL. The picture above shows me in the old viewer, the one below in the new viewer without any changes. Let me just say I'm shocked at what the new viewer revealed! Here I thought I was the cutest thing on two legs and, as it turns out, I've had a bag over my head the whole time I've been in SL. I'd like to thank everyone for being polite enough not to mention my brown papery skin and makeup job which looks as if it were done by a three year old. I suppose once I fiddle with the settings some improvement will be noticeable. Seriously though, I should add that the gorgeous skin in the top picture is from Fleur, one of the Black Swan skins Ros and CJ recently released. I personally think it may be the best they've ever done and I suggest, nay order, you to go and buy it post haste while I try to figure out my bag problem.

Dot Lane As Seen In The Newest Viewer Version


Bella Baroque said...

but you're a cute bag lady! that counts :D

Anonymous said...

No wonder you seldom wear earrings! Get some ears girl!

/me pines for JP Licks... (was she cute?) ;-)

VK (surprisingly, a Social Nerd, although Literature and Science/Math were close runners up)

Whatcha Eaton said...

Yeah... about the bag... I didn't want to say anything to offend you. I figured you knew it was there. =D