Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Has It Been That Long?

Dot Lane, Standing Outside Her Home In Extropia

I'm not sure how an attention whore like myself missed it, but Dot Lane, Girl Reporter recently celebrated its first year of existence. Since the day completely passed me by, there were no parties, just me sitting at home hugging my pancake chair.

What has happened over the past year?

Well, to start, this blog has had over 10,000 unique visitors in a year. I find this astounding and while the traffic is nothing compared to most SL blogs, I'm pleased that I've carved out my own little spot in the world. I'm gratified yet embarrassed when people come up to me in public and say that they've read the blog. Having readers is truly a blessing: the blog has been the vehicle which has introduced me to some very dear friends and let me showcase the work of some of the amazingly talented artists working in SL. Without my friends and the hard work of others I'd have nothing to write about. Here's to the next year!

Here are a few posts of which I am particularly proud either for the words, the pictures, or just the fun:

One of my favorite photos.

The last (hopefully) "Are you pregnant?" post.

A bitch of gifts.

Two of my favorite people in SL.

A trifecta of cultural references.

Dot Lane buys a customized outfit.

Absent friends.

A few of my obsessions.

The outcry over thinspo.

My inability to hold down gainful employment.

If you are planning to vote for this man, just delete me from your friend list, okay?


CronoCloud said...

looks at her O-B 08 campaign button. "No way, no how, No M-----"

Congratulations Dot! I think I shall hug my pancakes tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Dot! congratulations belatedly.. on your rez day annivesary! Please keep blogging.. your fans love you!
Maybe I'll hug my pancake chair when I get home..

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Dot!!!!

10,000 unique visitors is fabulous, you should be so pleased and proud of what you have done, and what you continue to do!

Going home to hug her pancake chair, which she has fond memories of...


Wyeth Bailey said...

Yay! Sings Happy Anniversary to you and your blog like Fred sang it to Wilma on the Flintstones

Glamouramama Boa said...

Awww, Dot, congrats! You make me smile from ear to ear and I'm very lucky to be such good friends with the "Girl Reporter" of SL. xoxo