Friday, November 7, 2008

Valhalla Beach Designs Opens!

Dot Lane Models VBD Earrings

My friend Val has been making jewelry and other items for some time now, and I've enjoyed watching her craft progress. She's finally taken the plunge and opened her own store, Valhalla Beach Designs, and, as a plus, has set out a few lovely freebies for a limited time including a set of earrings modeled by yours truly. There's no bling here and no diamonds, but plenty of other things that just scream restrained good taste. Of particular note are the five and six letter ID bracelets which have text change capabilities, and I love the jade items as well. I also like the organization of the store, which is built onto the side of a cliff. On the lower levels are things like anklets and belts, moving up to bracelets, then necklaces, and earrings on the top level--you can deck yourself out from head to toe.

VBD Daisy Earrings

Standing Over The Ocean At Valhalla Beach Designs

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Anonymous said...

gigantic hugs and kisses Dot! I still love that photo of you I used for the ad :-)

thanks so much! -v-