Saturday, November 29, 2008

Procrastination, Thy Name Is Dot Lane

This is how my blog works. Yesterday I started to get ready for the new skin and sim launch for Fleur, which will happen this afternoon at 2 PM SLT. In my case "getting ready" means obssessing about what I will wear since I know I will be running into lots of friends and SL luminaries who can get dressed in a dark closet in ten seconds and look better than I will even after I spend a couple of hours trying on outfits. I also have the added pressure of being a Fleur Insider now, which means I will be under particular scrutiny. I thought I would wear a new Fleur Shoujo skin to the party so I searched for "shoujo" in my inventory.

Lo and behold, I found that I have a dress from a store called "Yome Shoujo". How odd. I check the date I acquired it, and learn it was sometime last September. I have no recollection of the dress so I put it on, and I love it! (see the "pepe" dress below) Immediately I forget that I'm supposed to picking out an outfit for tomorrow and I run off to the store where I stand, slack-jawed at the cuteness I see around me. Not only is there cute, but it is inexpensive cute with lucky boards and gifts and OMG I just had to see everything. I picked up the gifts, waited around for the lucky boards (which are fast ones, just so you know) and bought a dress and legwarmers and a sweater and I've spent the past hour taking pictures and getting this blog post ready. The sad thing is, I still don't know what I'm going to wear to the Fleur opening, which is less than two hours away as I finish writing this. /me sighs.

But just look at what you will find at Yome Shoujo! I love that the dresses usually have multiple skirt options, generally long or short, and the fabric patterns are very different than what one usually finds. YomeShoujo also sells furniture and other little odds and ends to make you happy.

With the exception of the pepe dress which is paired with a lucky board skin from Yome Shoujo, I'm wearing a brand spanking new Fleur BND Lotus Shoujo 3 skin and my trusty booN KARo7 hair. (I know what you're saying. You're saying, "Doesn't that girl have more than one hairstyle? One that makes her look a little less Bride of Frankenstein?" Oh yes, dear readers, I know exactly what you're thinking.) I can't say enough about the new Boutique skins at Fleur. I've been wearing the freckled Vanilla Parfait for months now and I'm pleased to say that the third-generation Parfaits include freckled skins with a slightly more grown-up look to them.

Yome Shoujo "Pepe" dress with "dede" skin (skin free from lucky board)

Yome Shoujo Life2 (free from lucky board)

Yome Shoujo JamPink (free from lucky board)

A trio of gift shirts
dot shirt
psychedelic shirt
heart shirt

Look closely at the psychedelic shirt. No, not at my breasts! Sheesh!

Yome Shoujo "Shimonu" sweater

Youme Shoujo "TR" dress with long and short skirt options


sileny said...

OMG i forgot about this store! I went there once and totally fell in love...and then somehow forgot. o.O TY for the reminder!

Vixie Rayna said...

oooh DOT! this is uber cuteness! that hair is perfect, and isn't it just fabulous when you find something you forgot you had?