Monday, December 1, 2008

The Dark Streets of London

The Black Canary's "Frigid Belle" in Rivet Town

Back home for a close up....

It's hard not to feel overwhelmed in SL these days. Over the Thanksgiving weekend, when I signed on I kept seeing between 70,000 and 75,000 users logged in, a significant jump over where SL was even two months ago, if I recall correctly. FashCon seems to have grown exponentially to judge from the notecards, store hunts are a permanent fixture (note to content creators: my rez day is 11 July, so you may as well start the planning the hunt for that important occasion), and more people are blogging and plurking and flickring.

My natural inclination is to shut down, clean my inventory, and putter about, hoping that the tidal wave of information doesn't drown me. I've been avoiding hunts and I've been deleting FashCon notices fairly regularly without looking at them, pausing only if I recognize the store or if the description really really grabs me. So I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the notecard from The Black Canary which came over the transom a few hours ago. First, the notecard was charmingly written and second, there was an outfit called "Winter in London".
Now, if I could choose a time and place to move to, it would be 19th century London, so I eagerly waited for the pic to load. An hour later (okay, okay, it was only twenty-eight minutes) when the pic had rezzed I saw a beautiful outfit that made me jump over to The Black Canary post haste. I decided against "Winter in London", but did buy the "Frigid Belle", another new outfit. The lucky chair also went into wildcard mode while I was there so I picked up another outfit and then, after TPing in Creamy to the lucky chair for a "C" (an epic fail on her part, since things didn't rez fast enough) the lucky chair went back to "D". Well now. That's certainly a sign of something.

As soon as I put on "Frigid Belle" (please, no jokes about how this might actually be an entry in the "Dot Lane Design Challenge") I knew I had something special. Beautiful fur trim, a grey wool coat and skirt with a sheer black crinoline underneath, "Frigid Belle" harkens back to a simpler time. And even though you might be as overwhelmed as me, I suggest a trip to The Black Canary and a visit to Rivet Town, where these pictures were taken, and let yourself be transported.

I'm also wearing Diversity Hair's "Ruby" (thank you Aleri!) which is currently a group gift with five colors in the pack, none of which are the black I have on, but you do get a blue-black version according to Sasy, who says I should have opened the group gift, but that would be like reading the instruction manual to something, now wouldn't it? Rezit Sideways gave me the White Roses Barbed Wire Tiara which is available from her Designs of Darkness store, and the skin is a brand spanking new (please note, no actual spanking took place) Fleur Vanilla Trois Parfait 4. Have I mentioned before that I love Fleur skins? I have? Maybe once or twice? Well, go check them out and the amazing new store which recreates Greenwich Village in the winter time.

Hat tip to Kaycee Nightfire for suggesting Rivet Town as a location....

Also, if you don't have it, you need to own The Pogues "Red Roses for Me", which has one of my favorite songs, "The Dark Streets of London".



Vixie Rayna said...

i'm totally with you there dot, i think you have to turn off and tune out sometimes. i was in fashcon about 6 months ago, but i quickly removed myself from the group because i found i was deleting about 99% of the notices. vain, inc group is much better, and the group members are very helpful with sales tips, new finds, freebies, etc.
its so hard to say no to freebies, especially the good stuff. is there ever a point when we have enough? /me looks sheepishly at her 30,000+ inventory and shudders...
excellent blog post dot!

Sasy Scarborough said...

such a beautiful post, the pictures had me remembering london

xox Sasy xox

Sasy Scarborough said...

There was so spanking, I spanked PS and you earlier today, but I think you were afk :P but I did so spanking happened at least on a rooftop, you look so lovely did I mention that before, I kind of got sidetracked but you really have created such an incredible feel for this post.

You are an incredible woman Dot Lane ♥

xox Sasy xox

CronoCloud said...

You are coming with me to Caledon. No if's and's or buts.

And the next time there's a Ball/Dance in Caledon and we're both online, you are dancing with me.

Anonymous said...

You look great and the shots are wonderfully moody. As to the info overload, I turned off messages from every group I belong to and just check via the groups window when I am in the mood to look.

Bella Baroque said...

wow Dot, i LOVE your shots in this entry. gorgeous pics and a gorgeous gal ;)

Kit Maitland said...

WOW...ok so I've been catching up on some blog reading...and wow...all these shots are great...but that first one just takes my breath away.

Great photos!! <33