Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Fair Isle Fleur

Fleur "Fair Isle" Dress

While global warming might be raising the annual average temperature in RL, it doesn't mean that winter has disappeared completely. And, as the poets say, in winter a young woman's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of chunky sweaters and woolly dresses. Thankfully Fleur has stepped up to fill a gaping void in my wardrobe by creating a set of Fair Isle patterned dresses and socks, with ribbed turtlenecks to wear underneath. To me, Fair Isle is one of the holy trinity of patterns, along with plaid and argyle, and I just don't see enough of it in-world. The new dresses are available in six colors and you'll want to wear them by the fire with a nice cup of cocoa. Best of all--you can get all the dresses, turtlenecks, (which will work great with other outfits) and socks for $1000L. You'll also want to make sure to see the new Fleur skins as well--I'm wearing Fleur's Vanilla Parfait Trois 4. A little birdie told me some selected skins might be on sale.....so go try on some demos and maybe you'll find a bargain!

I'm also wearing hair and tights from booN.

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Phire Zuhra said...

That looks like the perfect ski lodge outfit. Can I have a RL version please?