Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fine. I'm Back. Happy Now?

Refuge's "Alex" Hair and Hat

I had no idea how much you all would miss me: I haven't posted in a few weeks and every day I get a message from someone asking me if I am ever going to blog again. Pffffft. Like anything could stop me! I will say that RL has been taking precedence with my new job getting busy and a few other RL things happening as well. Could I be more vague? Yes, I suppose I could. In any case, I'm back now and will try to keep you updated about my fabulous life more often. What have I been doing with myself in SL? Well, Kit Maitland and I have our football blog which I have written about previously. I have a dear friend who is leaving SL, so I have been talking a lot with her. I won a contest sponsored by Fleur which is kind of cool (and big thank you to Fleur for the prize and to guest judge Grazia Horwitz from Grapevine Shape and Poses for the awesome poses prize as well!). I've also been hanging at Glam's club Fat Fannies, which has one of the best groups of regulars of any place in SL. Oh, I also have a ton of new clothes. That's a shocker, I'm sure.

I didn't make it to the hair fair except to see the new booN hair, so I suppose I should just give up my pretensions of being a true SL fashion icon. If I had gone though, I would have bought the hair and hat you see above, Refuge's "Alex" model. Why? Because I love the texture and that I can change the colors and buttons on the hat. While the band badges one can choose from are a bit dodgy (NIN? Linkin Park? Rob Zombie?) the Sex Pistols and Ramones are included for those getting back to the roots. You can also choose to display treats like ice cream, cupcakes, hard candy, or any number of other icons. It's fun and it makes me happy and what more could there possibly be?

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Anonymous said...

Yay! I had to click on that link about your friend leaving SL, just so I could see this:
"Firefox can't find the server at real-life."