Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Style? Crystyle!

Dot and Crystyle, Looking Fine

I received a notice this evening from Apatia Hammerer about a fundraiser at the Starlust Motel for Crystyle Bukowski, the brains and beauty behind Pudge. Now, since I know you love to shop, why not head over to the Starlust and check out the big board with one-of-a-kind and soon-to-be never-to-be seen again items? I picked up the Crystyle hair from Gritty Kitty and the vintage floral tops by Tres Blah (yay Tres Blah!) and you'll also find goodies from Toast Bard, Tilly Tokyo, and Apatia herself. The big board of style will be up until Saturday or so but don't delay: tp to the Starlust as soon as you possibly can and join the fun!

1 comment:

Bella Baroque said...

gah! i fully intended to go and alas, my preggers brain forgot. poo. you look cute with your long lost twin there! hehe, you're like the twin who called Jenny though