Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Great Pumpkin

Wearing the New Halloween Dress from Strawberry Marshmallow

I am just starting to work my way through all of the nice things people have sent me over the past few months--I have held off taking pictures of jewelry and shoes since my old laptop always made them look awful and if you're a designer and put in all that effort, you certainly don't want me to show your hard work in anything but the best possible light. Now I know what you readers are saying. You're saying, "But Dot, if you want to show off their work in the best possible light, why don't you make yourself taller and lose the hips that make prim skirts cry?" La la la la la I am not listening to you readers!

Mayuki Nozaki, who must not sleep since she has two stores, a mall, and who knows what else going on, has sent me the Halloween dresses she has made for Strawberry Marshmallow. As with everything she does, the dresses are cut beautifully and flatter my shape. This feels so 1950s to me for some reason, and I totally dig it. I've posted a pic of the black one above, and the dress is also available in....wait for! Bet you didnt' see that coming, did you?

Arigato Mayuki!

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