Monday, February 11, 2008

New Boots And New Hair!

Tazare Mulligan's "Reflections" Boots

.The Abyss' "Aeon" Hair in Blood

I chatted with my friend Sable today after not having talked with her in a while. While catching up on what was happening, she mentioned that she had found some great new boots. Knowing her taste in fetishwear to be impeccable, I quickly ran off using the landmark she provided and there they were, Tazare Mulligan's "Reflections" boots. They're available in two models, thigh boots and knee boots, with the knee boots being a steal at 295L. I'm impressed with the high level of detail work and the laces, straps, and metal all have color change capability via a menu. They're also Lockmeister and XCite ChainAnywhere capable, according to the vendor. I'm not sure exactly what ChainAnywhere means, but I can guess. As a bonus, you get two wrist bracelets with the boots. Tazare Mulligan also sells the "Eiffel" model shoe and boot if you're on a tighter budget. Want to see them in world? Click here to get there! I'm also wearing new hair in this post, the "Aeon" model in blood from The Abyss, which gives me a vaguely Eastern European assassin look, which isn't a bad thing at all.

Other Details:

Skin: Fleur Skins Vivant Paon 4
Tank: acetone "Mutual Liberty"
Skirt: Luminosity "Flexi Skirt" in black
Stockings: acetone "bio clear" in cherry
Choker: Cipher "Padlock"

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Vidal Tripsa said...

I am loving the assassin look on you, hon! Just look at you, all sultry and fiery. Definitely a great outfit overall.