Sunday, February 3, 2008

Nouvelle Tres Blah!

Tres Blah "Gwen" Grey Sweater, Pink Shirt with Dotty Tie

Tres Blah Pink Shirt and Dotty Tie, Tete a Pied "Novembre" Tuxedo

Tres Blah Pink Shirt and Dotty Tie, Tete a Pied "Novembre" Tuxedo, Close Up

Tres Blah faded "Juju" High Waist Jeans, Green Sweater Halter from The Abyss

Tres Blah "Juju" High Waist Jeans, rear view

As I've written previously, Tres Blah was one of the first stores I discovered when the initial shock of SL wore off and I realized I needed to upgrade my wardrobe. I'm pleased that new designs have arrived at Tres Blah and that Julliette Westerburg's talent for making lovely clothes at reasonable prices shows no sign of abating.

Why do I like Tres Blah? First, I'm drawn to the hand drawn and colored aesthetic. The top photo illustrates this: the sweater looks as if it has been done in watercolor, allowing the color gradations to mimic a heathered grey in a way that hyper-realistic textures often can't. Second, Tres Blah gives good value. I appreciate having the plain sweater, the sweater/shirt/tie, the shirt/tie, and sweater/shirt available as options. In the second photo I've combined the shirt/tie with the "Novembre" tuxedo from Tete a Pied. Now I know what you're saying. You're saying "But Dot, you don't wear a shirt and tie like that with a tuxedo jacket". First, thank you Miss Manners. Second, I do, and I look damn good doing it.

The final two photos show the "Juju" high waist jeans. Given the prevalence of low-rise and no-rise (you think I'm joking? look around and you'll see some!) jeans in the market, a pair of high waist jeans seems like an anachronism especially since most high waisted jeans are so unstylish. The faded "Juju" jeans manage to combine a well done abraded texture with a flattering ass (none of that back seem disappearing into your ass), interesting pocket detail, and a well done flared leg. How high waisted are these? They cover my tattoos and the waistband rests just below my belly button. You'll see me wearing these a lot.

Want more Tres Blah? Visit the Tres Blah blog.

Hair: Truth "Missy" in auburn
Skin: Blowpop "Mellie 2" in cream (cranberry fizz/rich brown gloss)
Glasses: Mobius "Betty"

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