Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sn@tch It Back And Hold It

Sn@tch "Devil Doll"

Sn@tch "Devil Doll", Close Up

Sn@tch "Jailbait", Dot Acting Coy, Wearing Jacket

Sn@tch "Jailbait", Wearing Undone Sweater--Is It Hot In Here?

Sn@tch "Jailbait", Wearing The White Blouse. Hot? No, I Think It's Cold.....

Sn@tch "Barfly" In Chocolate

The Logo I Came Up With

A few weeks ago I ran into Ivey Deschanel at her store, Sn@tch. Since I'm a punk fan and she had a great selection of band posters on the walls, I struck up a conversation and immediately liked her. When she announced she was having a contest to design a new logo for the store I was thrilled and immediately went to work. The only problem with my enthusiasm is that I have never done any graphic design work. None. Nada. Zilch. I had used GIMP to add an image to a t-shirt template, so I *kind of* had a sense how the program worked.

Still, with my motto "Never let your own incompetence prevent you from trying something" firmly in place, I ventured off to GIMP to translate my vision into reality. I spent about half an hour playing with layers and came up with what you see above. To my surprise, I was a runner-up and won some great clothes, some of which you see above. I'd like to thank Ivey for her encouragement and enthusiasm. And now that I've learned about alpha channels, I'm going to try my hand at making some clothes. Woo hoo for trying new things!

Snatch "Devil Doll"
Skin: Fleur Skins Vivant Blush Fleur SE

Hair: ETD "Maaliyah" in Elika's red

Eyes: Minnu Model "Blue Eyes"

Shoes: Minx "Sweet as Sin"

Choker: Cipher "Padlock"

Sn@tch "Jailbait"

Skin: Fleur Skins Vivant Blush Fleur SE

Hair: Calla "I'msopreddyv2" in black

Eyes: Minnu Model "Blue Eyes"

Shoes: Shiny Things "Lollies"

Choker: Cipher "Padlock"

Sn@tch "Barfly"

Skin: Blowpop "Mellie2" in cream, rich bronze gloss/cranberry fizz

Hair: Gurl6 "City Gurl" in elektra

Eyes: Minnu Model "Blue Eyes"

Shoes: Matireya "Frisky" in brown leather

Choker: Cipher "Padlock"

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