Thursday, February 7, 2008

Three For The Road

CKS Designs "Swing" Sweater, Wrong A-Line Skirt,
*pop feel*Stockings, Shiny Things "Lollies" Shoes
(click photos to enlarge)

Sn@tch "Jersey Girl" Thermal, Front

Snatch "Jersey Girl" Thermal, Back

Alexitimia's " My Cherry Valentine" Tattoo, Snatch "Jersey Girl" Undies

CKS Designs "Swing" Sweater, Coquette "Love Letter" Locket

Coquette "Love Letter" Locket, Closed

Coquette "Love Letter" Locket, Open

Valentine's Day fast approaches which means love is in the air all over SL. Me? I'm planning a threesome for Valentine's Day and I can't wait, but first I want to show you all a few things which I've picked up recently. In the top photo, I'm wearing a "Swing" sweater in eggplant from CKS Designs, a new color which can be combined with the "Swing" shorts and stockings released a few months ago or worn alone. Kit has done a nice job of shading on the sweater to enhance my bust (much better than the kleenex I usually use) and the fit just says "sexy". It is also available in other colors--a light blue, mint, pink which will get you thinking of springtime, when a young noob's mind turns to thoughts of love. I've combined the sweater with an a-line skirt from WRONG's "Look 6" outfit. I can't say enough about the skirt, which is sexy and versatile and perfect for me. I also have on stockings from *pop feel*, which were given out as Valentine gift 2 to the *pop feel* group. They're light grey with horizontal ribbing and a have a circle of silver hearts around the top to hold them in place.

The second and third photos show the "Jersey Girl" thermal from Sn@tch. In the fourth photo you see me in the undies which come with the thermal. I found these just in time because I had been frantically tearing through my wardrobe trying to find panties which would let me show off the "My Cherry Valentine" tattoo from Alexitimia Tattoos. Valle Giulia does beautiful original tattoo work so I'm happy to have this little piece to call my own. I didn't have clothes which showed enough of the tattoo to get a good shot of it and I wasn't going to photograph myself naked so when I put on the Sn@tch undies I breathed a sigh of relief.

The final three photos show off the "Love Letter" locket from Coquette which was given out as part of the Fashion Consolidated rez day celebration. I've long championed my Eat Rice! collar which has a charm to which the owner can add an image. I have several copies of the collar, each with a different image but the one I wear most has an image which says "fuck off"--I'm classy like that. "Love Letter" goes one better by letting the wearer add two photos to the locket, which opens and closes when it is touched. You'll notice I have two pictures in it, my friends CC and Kit. They have matching lockets with my photo. Remember that I said I had a threesome planned for Valentine's Day? I'm such a lucky girl! I just wish SL would let all three of us partner each other......

I Love You Ben and Jerry!

.......Ha! Fooled you! My threesome isn't with CC and Kit--it's with Ben and Jerry! Nothing makes a single girl feel better on Valentine's Day than ice cream so that's my plan--a pint of Chubby Hubby, a pint of bourbon, and waiting by the phone.....

Misc notes: Hair is either Truth's "Missy" or ETD's "Maaliyah", skin is Tete a Pied Vivant Blush Paon 4, glasses are "Betty" by Mobius.


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Courtlyn Cunningham (CC) said...

I am crushed:( Traded in for a pint of Ben and Jerry:P (takes the dental dams back) I was planning for a long and drawn out pig out:)

Valle Giulia said...

thanx to have blogged my lil tat :)

do u remember me? we met a day at WRONG before christmas, i was the hermit and we spoke a little abt ur blog (which i read in my aggregator) and stars tattoos (maybe i didn't tell u i was a tattoist at all lol).

are u interested in reviewing some tattoos?

Shannon Carroll said...

LOL I think you broke Courtlyn's heart with the Ben & Jerry's ... :(

Thanks much, Dot, and I'm glad you like the locket. ;)

Vidal Tripsa said...

Wow, I got quite excited there! I was all set to cheer you and give you a hearty pat on the back, but no.. off to eat ice cream when I have none. You crush my excitement *and* taunt me with delicious treats. Grr.

By the way, don't get me *started* on wanting to partner more than one lover. Rings and collars do fine, but there's something to be said for yelling about such a partnership officially in one's profile. ^_^