Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Baring It All, 1890s Style

Working On My Moves

Betty Doyle at Ingenue has released a little gift for everyone just in time for Valentine's Day. The "Be Mine" outfit in romance red is sure to light a little fire in everyone who loves vintage lingerie. When I came across this peep show booth I just had to start dancing. While the setting might seem like a whorehouse from the 1890s, this lingerie seemed like the perfect thing to wear--not too revealing, but plenty sexy. Thanks Betty!

Please note that the shadows you see on my legs are not a disfiguring skin condition, but some very sheer black lace hanging over the entrance to the peep show booth!

1 comment:

BellaBaroque said...

nice pics dot! this peep show booth is from chemgnosis, which i recommend you go visit. you can buy this booth and lots of other creepy goodies to take home. pretty dirty things all tim burton style :)