Wednesday, January 2, 2008

IMs, I Get IMs, Part 3

You never know when you're going to get the call of duty......the name has been changed to protect the other party, although I will mention that they are a member of the "Golden Shower Club". Ick ick ick!

[19:21] GeorgeW Bush: hi dot

(sane enough for an unsolicited IM)
[19:22] Dot Lane: hi
(I'm nothing if not friendly)
[19:22] Dot Lane: tiny empires?
(given the oddity of being IMed while standing in a room devoid of people except my friend Silvie, I figure it must be someone trying to get me to join their line in Tiny Empires. Do you play? Want to be in my line? IM me!
[19:22] GeorgeW Bush: would u like to cuddle a little bit?
( didn't see that coming)
[19:23] Dot Lane: do I know you?
(a reasonable question, I think)
[19:23] GeorgeW Bush: no, unfortunatly not
(whew, because there was that one time I drank a whole flask of something Kit gave me and my memory of that night is a little fuzzy)
[19:24] Dot Lane: okay
(at this point I'm trying to figure out what to say)
[19:24] Dot Lane: how did you find me?
(keep in mind I don't see this person anywhere in the room or on the mini-map)
[19:24] GeorgeW Bush: im here some meters from u
(aha! he or she is up on the roof, directly above me and they're not from around these parts...I mean, meters?)
[19:25] Dot Lane: oh I see
(figuratively, not literally)
[19:25] Dot Lane: I'm talking to a friend
(okay, first the subtle brush off)
[19:25] GeorgeW Bush: i have a nice loft
(and this is supposed to impress me how?)
[19:25] GeorgeW Bush: and would like to invit u
(of course you would)
[19:26] Dot Lane: that's very sweet of you, but I don't know you
(still trying to be polite)
[19:28] GeorgeW Bush: do u speak german?
(true story: when people come up to me in RL and they're obviously trying to sell me something, I sometimes look them in the eye and say "Sorry I don't speak English". This usually stuns them into silence and gives me time to walk away)
[19:29] Dot Lane: no
(my German is the wurst--I love sausage!)
[19:31] GeorgeW Bush: can we meet
(why? to talk about lofts or my inability to speak German?)
[19:31] GeorgeW Bush: ?
[19:31] GeorgeW Bush: i think u are a very interesting women
(yes, yes, join the club, get the t-shirt, worship me, send lindens, blah blah blah)
[19:32] Dot Lane: I do my best
(this technically isn't true...I'm usually operating at about 75%, but I fake it well)
[19:33] GeorgeW Bush: will u come to me?
(we're back to that again?)
[19:33] GeorgeW Bush: in my loft?
( have a loft? why didn't you say that before? wait, you did, and it didn't work the first time sooooo.....)
[19:33] Dot Lane: no thank you
(Mission Accomplished!)


EMChartreuse said...

Breaking hearts left, right, and on rooftops... politely.

BellaBaroque said...

LMAO. poor Dubya. You cruel hearted betch you