Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Clockwork Orange On The Dot

I came across E. Watkins, an equestrian shop, during my Japanese mall trek. They sell wonderful and highly detailed equestrian wear, including cavalry officer uniforms, the classic red riding coat perfect for a fox hunt, and all manner of other things for the country squire or competitive rider--I bought a Barbour style quilted vest which I have been trying to find in SL for months. What immediately caught my eye though were the hats in three styles (cap, bowler, and dressage) which have hair included for an optimal fit. You can buy either a ponytail or a bun in several colors, and what you see on me is a the bowler with burgundy hair. While the hair is intended for equestrian outfits, the bowler hat made me think of A Clockwork Orange.

I puzzled over how to release my inner Droog but decided on the Novembre outfit from Tête à Pied (thanks Ros!), a tuxedo with beautifully sculpted flared legs, and Gorgeous Yongho's "Messed Up Beauty Queen" skin which can be found free at her shop (just click the link to her blog for the slurl). "Messed Up Beauty Queen" is based on one of the Another Shop skins released for modification by Eloh Eliot and I will be writing more soon about Another Fundraiser, in which designers from all over SL take the Another Shop skin and let their imaginations run wild. The poses I'm using for the pics are also from E. Watkins, as part of a free AO available in the store.

Bonus Clockwork Orange :

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