Thursday, January 3, 2008

Dot Lane Raids Kikis Closet

Yesterday I posted some of the free and inexpensive items I found during my tour of Japanese and Korean (I think some were Korean) malls and stores here in SL. There were several stores where I would have bought many more things but as a girl on a budget I couldn't afford to satisfy my shopping lust. I did bring myself to buy a few outfits from kikis closet however, because I was struck by the eye for detail and the sense of fun evident in the clothes. You'll see some expensive (relatively) outfits below, mixed in with some freebies. A few notes for you hardcore shoppers: the skins are Tete a Pied's Vivant in either the "Biba" or "Pin-Up" style, except where noted. The hair is by Calla, with the exception of the last picture which is the "Jenny" model from Bossa Nova. You'll see a free t-shirt from Hanauta, which I blogged about yesterday. I took the photos in Helena's photosphere, but please don't tell her. As always, click on the photos to enlarge them to see me in all my glory.



"Handsome" Full Length View

"Handsome" Stocking Detail View

"Handsome" Profile View

"Handsome" is a stylish pink tweed ensemble trimmed in fur suitable for all kinds of events, with the ribbon detail on the left stocking providing a hint of mystery. It cost 120L, and includes everything you see except the shoes.



'"Cynical" Showing Stocking Detail

"Cynical" Back View

An outfit called "Cynical"? How could I not buy this immediately? There are three different tops, including the nack strapped version you see above and an unstrapped version. I believe the leather/lace combination isn't what Stevie Nicks had in mind when she sang that God-awful song because you've got both in the same outfit--who needs a guy? Like "Handsome", the left stocking top has a little belted detail for added interest. Oddly enough, the top half and bottom half are sold separately, for 80L and 70L respectively. Except for my collar and shoes, everything you see is included with the outfit.


"LoveRabbi" Shorts

"LoveRabbi" Shorts with "T-Heart Ladys"

"LoveRabbi" Shorts from the Rear
(the tail does turn into a puffball when SL decides to actually rez it properly)

"T Heart Ladys" Back View

The tank top is free, the LoveRabbi (that's not a typo, and no, this isn't supposed to be a tzitzit) shorts were 50L. I love the safety pins and the fact that the rabbit looks as if it is going to go for your neck. I only wish the cute little tail had rezzed properly, but what can you do?


"DogRace" Collar

Why another collar? Why not? This one will be perfect for formal dresses as the chain dangles nicely down one's cleavage. What's that? You're disappointed that there isn't any cleavage in this photo? What have you done for me that makes you think you deserve to see it?
That's what I thought.


"Fuka Fuka Hones" (skin by Tuli)

I switched to blonde so you could see the details of these headphones which apparently double as ear muffs. Perfect sound and soft fur make these a natural for winter. Did I mention that they're free? Free I tells ya!


Kimono 2008, Full Length

Kimono 2008, Back View

Kimono 2008, Close Up

I don't have much to say about the kimono except that it looks stunning. It is a free gift from Kikis Closet.



This item says it is from cafe & shop Rin, but you will find at Kikis Closet. Another freebie, but beautifully made.



Creamy Cooljoke said...

Tres Cute Dot! I didn't know that Kiki had a new freeb.
/me rushes down there :D

Kit Maitland said...

zomg...the LoveRabbi shorts are more cuteness than should be allowed...jeiofpwjeoiwj oewjg;wo !!