Monday, January 7, 2008

Swooning for Swans

Sitting By The Fireplace at Utopian Design @ Hotel Swan

Sitting in the Lobby of the Hotel Swan, Watching the Swans

Feeding the Swans

A blog reader IMed me tonight looking for the location of a store selling one of the outfits I wore in a photo a few months ago. We got to talking and she told me about a place called Hotel Swan. Since I'm always up for an adventure (and the promise of some interesting fashion to be found) I quickly headed over. I love the top photo with my facelight mimicking the glow of the fire. I'm sitting on a stone floor in the middle of a store (with lovely furniture I might add) but I feel warm and cozy. The photo taken in the lobby makes me look as if I am awaiting a beverage which will never arrived, but I do have the swan pond at which to gaze. And the coolest thing? If you touch the pagoda by the swan pond, the swans get fed!

In the top photo I'm wearing the "Susan" outfit from Bad at Croquet, in the bottom two, "Beat" from CKS Designs.

Special thanks to Olivia for telling me about Hotel Swan.


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olivia said...

hotel swan? swan hotel? i'll forever be calling it the wrong thing. i even keep thinking of it as the dolphin hotel, cause, you know, i'm pretty sure it's a japanese build and i have a haruki murakami fetish. uhh, anyway: glad to be of service ma'am :D