Saturday, January 19, 2008

I'm Number One! I'm Number One! Part 4 (With An Asterisk)

A Hippo And Friends At The Bermuda Playground In Selby

Google serves up more ranking love to me! Today I'm crowing about a second place finish. Now, I know what you're saying. You're saying, "But Dot, we don't want to hear about your second place finishes. We expect more out of you. We expect you to work to your potential!" What--you've suddenly become my tenth grade English teacher?

In any case, you may remember my Halloween post if you've spent some time digging around in my archives. (As a side note, I have been posting to this blog since August so there are a lot posts you're going to miss if you just read the first page, including naked pictures of me). The Halloween post included a picture of me and Tuber riding the "sex hippo", which is simply a child's playground toy. When a second person hops onto the hippo though, it looks, well, like an outtake from the Kama Sutra. This perversion is courtesy of Kit who added some pose balls to the unwitting hippo, thus ruining the childhood innocence of the place. Then again, I've heard about people having sex with baby unicorns in SL or some other damn thing so in reality, the sex hippo is pretty tame. It is also highly amusing so I forgive her.

So, what does this have to do with anything that might actually interest you? Well, I'm now ranked second on Google when someone searches for << girl and hippo sex >>. Okay, I'll say it: "Girl and hippo sex? What the hell is the matter with you people?"

Dot Lane Says: "What the hell is the matter with you people?"

I will add that this search came from Google Canada. I've not noticed any hippos in Canada so I don't think the searcher was looking for information providing practical how-to advice (girl and moose sex might work in Canada) but my mind fails to come up with a reason why someone might actually want to see pictures of the act. Wait--aren't hippos really fat? Hey! This isn't some sort of cosmic insult about my weight is it?

So now, something you really do care about:

Hair: ETD "Maaliyah" in Black Bronzed
Shirt: DP YumYum "Frilly Blouse"
Skin: Another Shop "Le" freckled, greed
Skirt: DP YumYum "Humming of Saturday"
Shoes: Shiny Things "Lollies"
Collar: Eat Rice "Charm Collar II"
Glasses: Mobius "Betty"
Earrings: M-C-H "Key Motif Studs"
Eyes: MM Skins "MM Blue Eyes"

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* So I'm really number two, but that doesn't really fit into the the series title. Also, there aren't any naked pictures of me on my blog. But you were going to go look weren't you?

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Maja Ingmann said...

My real concern: Who or what could have ranked #1 for this phrase???? **runs off to Google to look** Sadly, you've apparently dropped to #3, with a NY Times story about children naming baby hippos topping the list and "3 men arrested in internet sex cases" ripping the silver medal off of your neck.