Monday, January 7, 2008

A Cloud of Smoke

Hello Kitty?

Yes, My Head Is In There Somewhere

"Yugao" by +9, Sleeve, Belt, and Leg Detail

(click photos to see me in my full glory)

Outside the Electro Kitty store at Happy Dispatch is a Japanese phone booth which I can't make work which is too bad, because some of the escort cards pasted all over it have really cute girls pictured. I mean, what better way to find an escort than an ad in a phone booth? I'm sure the girl in the picture is *exactly* the girl who will answer the door when I show up.

I'm wearing the "Yugao" outfit from +9. I'm fascinated by the boa/collar/whatever the hell-it-is (the designer calls it a "shawl", but that makes me think of little old ladies) which floats around my neck like a cloud of smoke. One thing I've noticed about a lot of Japanese design is that one leg often has some small piece of detail around it--fabric, a ribbon, jewelery, a cuff, etc. While it is debatable if attention should be drawn to my chubby thigh, the asymmetry of the design provides a discordant note which attracts the eye. +9 has several outfits similar in style to the one I'm wearing and I recommend a visit if you're looking for something funky and different.


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