Friday, January 11, 2008

Swimming Against The Current

Would Someone Get This Girl Some Sun? She Looks So Glum!

I found this swimsuit at Westy's, a club I encountered during the great Japanese mall trek. At least I think Westy's is a club. It might also be a sex place or a mall or all of the above. Of course, I spotted the free stuff. If you've ever gone shopping for swim wear in SL, you'll know that there are bikinis in abundance, most of which should never, ever, be worn in water because they will shrink to postage stamp size from index card size. This is apparently a plus, since I see these bikinis being worn in clubs and stores miles away from any beach, but I'm not quite as exhibitionist as that and while I may be small up top, I have a lot of real estate to cover on my backside. So when I opened the gift box from Westy's and found a suit that looked as if I could actually wear it to swim laps, I was very happy. Now, I hear what you're saying. You're saying, "Dot, doesn't a white suit turn transparent in the water?" That's a fair point. My solution? Just swim naked!

Hair: "Jenny" in wine from Bossa Nova
Collar: Eat Rice
Skin: (Re) freckles, "sloth" from Another Shop.

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