Monday, January 14, 2008

I'm Number One! I'm Number One! Part 3

Subtle? It Must Be Opposite Day!

A Not-So-Subtle Close-Up

Google must know what they are doing, because when you search for << nary a clue >> I come up first in the rankings. I'm really touched that Google has announced my essential cluelessness to the world. Thank you everyone for making me number one!

Despite my cluelessness, I do think I have on a lovely outfit. Above is "Subtle" from Punch Drunk, which has a skirt in one of my favorite colors along with an oh-so-soft textured cashmere sweater. I've made a few changes: "Subtle" comes with a bucket hat which I have left off to show some new hair from ETD, the "Maaliyah" style in Black Bronzed. As you might have heard, ETD currently has a sale on hair, so head on over if you love lag. Kit made me go (she has an encyclopaedic knowledge of ETD hair) and I'm happy she did. If you enlarge the bottom photo (and why wouldn't you?) you can also see a nifty little pair of free earrings with little dangling keys which is being given away by M-C-H. The tights packaged with "Subtle" are teal, which is a tad too cheerful for me so I subbed in a pair of black "Skinned Knee" tights from Punch Drunk. The skin is LF Chai, the "Vedette Freckle" in cream, which is currently bagged with the new issue of Second Style Magazine Issue 15.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to the clue store.

(Please note that Google rankings can and do change. If I am no longer the top result, well, so be it.)

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Maja Ingmann said...

What made you think to search for the phrase "nary a clue" and therefore discover you're #1 for it? I'm intrigued!

Dot Lane said...

My lovely traffic counting program, Statcounter, shows me what people have searched for when they reach my site through a Google search. I don't randomly Google phrases hoping to see myself appear. In reality, the high Google ranking is derived from the fact that the title post of a blog entry becomes part of the URL for a page, and those pages with the phrase "nary a clue" in the URL are rated higher than those with "nary a clue" in the body of the page.