Monday, January 7, 2008


50's Style Latex Outfit from Addictions

Close-up, Showing The Hat ad Veil

(click photos to enlarge)

Without good friends, Second Life must be a very lonely place, and I'm fortunate to have a cadre (posse, crew, gang, etc.) from all walks of SL. One of my flock of friends is Zeezee, who has been a great persuader in encouraging me to try latex fashion. I first met her months ago (you can see a pic of us here soon after we met) and was struck by the great care she put into her appearance and her talent for photography--she was clearly someone to watch and her sweetness sealed the deal. As someone who was merely muddling along with taking pictures for her own blog, I saw Zeezee's work and immediately had a new standard to which I could aspire. We've remained friends ever since.

Yesterday, when Zeezee told me she was out shopping for her new master and asked if I wanted to come along, I didn't hesitate. We went to Addictions and it didn't take long for her multi-tasking shopping ability to spot an outfit for me as well, which you see above. She promised it would look great on me so I immediately bought it, put it on, and she, of course, was right. There were a few changes to be made: I added the stockings (which were part of the "Concubine Trash" Halloween outfit from Savvy?) and we both decided switching out the shoes which came with the outfit for the Minx "Sweet Dreams" stilettos was the right move. Zeezee had bought me the Minx shoes months ago and I find that they are one of the most versatile shoes in SL. I wear them with almost everything and they are perfect for this outfit. The poses are from the "Party Girl" set available at Demoiselles.

I'd also like to take the opportunity to congratulate Zeezee on her own personal transformation over the past few weeks, which was accomplished through great effort on her part with truly stunning results. I wish her all the happiness in the world.

p.s. Zeezee--you can corrupt me any time! Love, Dot.


Chic Zeezee said...

Corrupt you Dot? Moi? What complete nonsense. Don't know what put the idea into your head...

Thanks for the sweet words though and thanks for being a friend too.




Vidal Tripsa said...

Looking Chic indeed, Dot m'dear! I wonder if you might also enjoy 'Exotique' by Sadistic at Draconic Kiss. It's similar, I must admit, but it has just as fun an effect one one's hips. :)