Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Halfway Around The World

This post, like so many others, starts with me blaming Kit Maitland. Why? Because she introduced me to the Creators Stamp Rally. If it hadn't been for having to go to stores all over SL to get a card stamped to win a free prize (free? bestill my clothes-whore heart!) I never would have started thinking about Japanese and Korean sims and I certainly wouldn't have spent the better part of my past three days in SL roaming from mall to mall and sim to sim in search of heretofore undiscovered design goodness. What you see below are some of the best free and low cost items I found from the dozens of stores I visited but the list is by no means exhaustive. I have other items which didn't fit neatly into this post, so there will be more posts during the next week featuring all kinds of wonderful things.

A few notes: where possible, the item names are taken from the actual boxes and folders at the stores to make finding them easier. Also, several of these stores have multiple locations and may have the same or different free or low-cost items available in each store. The hair is Calla's I'm So Preddy v2 Darks, the skin is either Tete a Pied's Vivant Blush Paon 4 or Vivant Blush Pin-Up2. No promotional considerations were involved in the creation of this post.

And now, the clothes!

(click all photos to enlarge--you really need to do this)


Store: snack kame
Item: diaset
Cost: Free

This outfit from snack kame also has gloves and a skirt but they didn't look quite right on me--I think the pants to which the prim skirt attaches are missing, and the little puffs at the top of the gloves didn't fit around my chubby arms so I opted not to wear them. Still, I love the fur color and I'm a sucker for anything argylish.


A*l k


Store: Princess Berry
Items: *A*l k (top) , *PB* Luna (bottom)
Cost: *A*l k 3L, *PB* Luna 35L

Can you say plaid? I love the brightness of the skirt and the primary colors contrasted with the black leggings while the black outfit at the top just looks cool. How cool? Apparently so cool I can't even look at myself. Avert your eyes!


Store: Garden
Item: girl's under wear fatpack
Cost: 30L

The package contains 3 pair of undies, 4 shirts, leg warmers, 1 pair of socks. I do have issues with the term "fatpack" though, as someone who has had more than her share of problems getting prim skirts to fit properly. Still, it is hard to be upset when one is wearing lovely dots.



kimono yuki 1

Store: Kako
Items: haibisukasu-1-2 (top) kimono yuki 1 (below)
Cost: Free

I think the kimono looks especially good paired with Tete a Pied's Vivant Blush Pin-Up skin.


Store: SOS Nebula
Item: keirei! pose
Cost: 5L

I have no idea who or what I am saluting, but I do look sharp.

(the "UMIUSA-YA" cap is free from Umi Usagi, the "Militari" jacket is free from Pochette)


Store: Strawberry Milk Cafe
Item: T-Shirt
Cost: Free

I'm normally not one for overt advertising on clothing, but I will make an exception for this shirt which has a lovely texture making it suitable for layering underneath a jacket. The picture on the back? Well, I suppose you could pay me to pose like that.


Store: MayaMaya Creations
Item: ::MC:: hair up
Cost: free

I don't know why I like this hair, but I do--I guess it frames my face well. You can't see it, but there is another little puff ball hanging off to the side. The shirt is from Kot Kot and comes in several colors and is free baby, free!


Store: Love Soul
Items: Nail Pink Dot (shown). Flower Design, Nail Jun Custom
Cost: Free

"Nail Pink Dot" sounds really dirty, in an Asian fractured English kind of way.


Hanauta T-Shirt 01

Hanauta T-Shirt 02

Hanauta T-Shirt 03

Store: Hanauta
Items: 3 t-shirts
Cost: Free

I love the designs on these shirts, which also say Hanauta on the back. As I mentioned earlier, I'm not a big fan of a store's name on my shirts, but I will pretend that I'm an American celebrity being paid to endorse a Japanese product in commercials only being seen in Japan. That wasn't so hard to justify, now was it?


Store: ***Blanc***
Item: Fur socks--black
Cost: 20L

Blanc has amazing fur trimmed dresses and accessories. The store is also worth seeing from a design standpoint: a white interior with white furnishings which make the clothes pop from the walls. Blanc inspired me to use a white background for almost all of the photos in this post. I should note that the pose comes from Demoiselles@Juicy and is part of the free "Party Girl" set. Finally a modest way to be nearly naked!


Store: Milky Way
Item: muffler
Cost: Free

Sporty, colorful, and cheerful. I'm sure there's a law against me wearing it.


Store: Amerie's NAUGHTY
Item: bloodied bikini
Cost: Free

Why? Because I can, that's why.


Store: Petit Ange
Item: knit tights multicolor
Cost: 1L
Petit Ange (Little Angel) sells a variety of knitwear with wonderful chunky handmade textures. You are looking at the chunky textures aren't you? Aren't you?!? And God help you if you're thinking "The chunky texture must be her ass....."


Store: FKDesigns
Item: long boots, two pair in black and brown
Cost: Free

These are very nicely made and actually fit over my legs with minimal twisting and tugging which is an amazing engineering feat. I love the felted texture, which isn't what one would normally expect in boots but looks great with winter wear.


Store: cover girl
Item: black dress
Cost: Free

How can you not love this dress? You can't, which means you also must love me because I'm wearing the dress! Love me! Loooooooooove me!


Dot Lane, Killing Herself For Fashion

Location: somewhere in Nanba
Item: Stretcher
Cost: Free

What do you people want from me? Blood?


Happy shopping and be sure to let me know what you find!

p.s. I <3 Kit!

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